In the News


So the blog seems to be working. Good.

I mentioned Donald Trump in the last post. Being almost 8,000 miles from home we are insulated from the intensity of emotion back there. We check a couple of news sites online in the morning and at night. The Post seems as clueless and emotional as it was before the election. The Journal seems a little more balanced. I’ve never gotten in the habit of reading the Times. BBC has more questions than answers and Al Jazeera has some interesting insights.

It’s probably just as well we’re away. We get used to reacting to hourly news spikes at home and they are mostly a waste of time. They are just another piece of our amped up lives that are washed over with too much data that comes too quickly to be understood. It’s main result seems to be that it sells more advertising for media companies and interrupts us from doing more valuable things.

Back to Nepal…we left the hotel Thursday morning and walked toward Durbar square for our first excursion. Here’s what greeted us at the newsstand.

I wonder what it says?