Too many directions – that’s for sure.  Along the way this fall, I’ve wished I had the (this) web page set up. Today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, there were a few spare moments as Dan was getting ready to head back to VT. I thought I could load wordpress onto a domain and start looking for templates later on…something easy. I typed into the browser and found I’d already set it up. I did it at the beach this summer, as I was finishing the kilimanjaro blog.

The header picture I’d chosen brought back great memories of three days in Zanzibar with Rachel.  There we were, about as far away as two people could get from Manassas, Virginia. Relaxed.  Walking along the beach looking at the white sand, the azure water and the mix of modern as well as timeless boats on the horizon. Like being in rehab where the things that aren’t good for can’t tempt you.  A good feeling to *not* forget. 

I want fewer things, more focus, and a greater feeling of commitment. The sense of accomplishment will be keener. I now keep many, many plates spinning at the same time. It’s a well-developed skill but it’s less interesting than it used to be.  Many of the plates can and should be allowed to fall. 

It’s been hard, but I have finally learned to say yes or no and to not look back. I need to learn how to do them both more gently. I am finding it easier to rid myself of things that have use, but are really distractions. That is a work in progress. I have decided it is better to go with my strengths and let my weaknesses take care of themselves.  My real friends will understand.

I see the day when I can change the name of the blog.  Hopefully, I won’t have forgotten where I put it.

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